Water purifiers installed in disaster-stricken Philippines, bringing hope to typhoon victims

Tacloban Destruction 55
“We need foods: rice and water.” WaterStep team’s Kylene White and Chris Kenning followed water training attendees to Tacloban City, one of the areas hardest hit by last month’s typhoon. Photos by Kylene White

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The WaterStep team wrapped up their last day of training today, training a total of 151 individuals representing 43 disaster relief organizations. It’s been a moving experience for everyone involved, trainers and trainees alike. Here is some feedback from the training attendees:

“The people in Hilantagaan island do not have access to clean drinking water and they have to cross to the bigger, neighboring Bantayan Island by pumpboat to get their supply of clean drinking water. During the rainy season, the people of Hilantagaan gather as much rain water as possible since this is also used as drinking water. Thank you very much for coming to Cebu and bringing this wonderful invention to help provide clean and safe drinking water to our communities and in effect, help alleviate the living conditions of our fellow Filipinos in the islands. “
-Pinky Gonzales, Last Days Harvest Mission Fellowship
“This mean a lot to us in Surigao because our location is very prone to typhoons and water is life.The number of lives we can serve and save through your generosity knows no limit.”
-Maribel Ortega, Monasterio de San Benito
“What is even more gratifying is the strong commitment and unselfish dedication you and your people have shown in the service which was done here in the philippines, especially in Cebu. On a technical note, I noticed how simple and sturdy the equipment and operation are.”
-Roberto Ybanez, Cebu Uniting for Sustainable Water Foundation
“Our gratefulness is beyond measure. I have been praying for all sorts of miracles in these times of grave crisis but I never dreamed it would be WaterStep and its amazing chlorinating machine that is MORE than just a temporary answer to our water crisis at Bantayan island.”
-Kai Despi, Bantayanon District Hospital

Kylene White and Chris Kenning followed Shoji Castillo, 24, of the Rotary Club of Cebu, to Tacloban City, one of the areas hardest hit by last month’s typhoon. Shoji attended the first day of water training. In Tacloban City, Shoji installed a water purifier in the Palo Cathedral, a church that serves as a center for much needed aid and relief in Tacloban City. The cathedral had no access to clean water and was relying solely on bottled water from aid. Photos are from the training in Palo Cathedral and around Tacloban City.

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