Training the trainer: bringing safe water, disaster relief to Tacloban City

WaterStep Installation In Tacloban from WaterStep on Vimeo.

Shoji Castillo, 24, of the Rotary Club of Cebu, installs a donated water purifier in Tacloban City, one of the areas hardest hit in the Philippines by last month’s typhoon.Shoji attended the first day of WaterStep’s training in Cebu City. Video by Kylene White.
WaterStep’s Kylene White and Chris Kenning followed Shoji Castillo to Tacloban City where Shoji installed a water purifier in the Palo Cathedral, a church that serves as a center for much needed aid and disaster relief in Tacloban City. The cathedral had no access to clean water and was relying solely on bottled water from aid. See more photos from the training at Palo Cathedral and around Tacloban City.
To learn more about what WaterStep is doing in the Philippines, including all media updates, visit our Philippines page.
For the latest news, check back here on the WaterStep blog, which will be updated regularly while our team is on the ground. Follow WaterStep on Twitter @WaterStep, using the hashtag #WSHaiyan. Follow Courier-Journal reporter and WaterStep team member Chris Kenning @ckenning_cj for updates from the field.
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