We have established the WaterStep Shoe Program where donated new and gently used shoes are sold to an exporter to help finance our water projects.


You can make water safe to drink - we will teach you how. WaterStep offers courses in water chlorination, health education, and well repair.



WaterStep's Mission:  We train people in developing countries how to use safe water solutions like water chlorination, bleach making, health education, and well repair, empowering communities to take care of their own water needs for years. We believe that the best solutions to water problems are rooted in simple tools and effective training.  


Three Focus Areas

Water Chlorination and Sanitation

Community members learn how to use appropriate water solutions for their community. Training a family how to use a water filter at home or a school teacher how to use a chlorine generator to provide water for their students means the community has control over their own water supply.

Health Education

Every water project is paired with education in health and sanitation. Teaching about hand washing, proper disposal of waste, and transmission of disease alongside water chlorination can cut diarhea cases almost in half.

Well Repair

Any broken wells in the community get repaired by community members trained in well repair. The cost to repair a well is a fraction of the cost to dig a new well, which means the extra money can go towards something else in the community, like improving infrastructure.



WaterStep offers select products for making water safe to drink in developing countries or to fix water wells. All proceeds support WaterStep's mission to save lives with safe water.

Get Involved

CQ Jam 2017

Come out and support WaterStep at this years CQ Jam!  This event is hosted by Captain’s Quarters.


Become a volunteer at WaterStep and make a difference. Visit the volunteer page to see all current available positions.

Free lesson plans

Quench is our free educational curriculum on the global water crisis designed by teachers, for teachers! Download 4 free lesson plans.