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We have one mission: To provide safe water to every person who needs it. Period.

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Donate to our disaster relief fund.

WaterStep is currently responding in the Katesh area of northern Tanzania after torrential rainfall has caused mudslides that have washed away cars, homes, and communities. Our WaterStep Tanzania team is on the ground with safe water equipment and will partner with local government and other NGOs to bring relief to these hurting people.

WaterStep supports the needs of people and communities in the midst of crisis to bring control and dignity. We provide emergency relief in the wake of natural disasters, human caused disasters, and conflicts.

Donate to our disaster relief fund.

WaterStep supports the needs of people and communities in the midst of crisis to bring control and dignity. We provide emergency relief in the wake of natural disasters, human caused disasters, and conflicts.

What we do

WaterStep’s work in the international WASH program is changing lives. 

WaterStep - Home - Water Chlorination Sanitation

Water & Well Repair

Community members learn how to use appropriate water solutions for their unique problems. Whether it is treating their existing water, repairing a broken well, or transporting and containing water. WaterStep believes that the community needs to take ownership of their own water supply.

Waterstep - projects - Nigeria background


Teaching about proper disposal of waste and the use of disinfectant in homes, clinics and feeding centers can reduce the cases of diarrhea by 32%. Proper sanitation is one of the largest problems the world faces today. Simple steps with simple solutions is a great place to begin to tackle the problem.

WaterStep - Home Education Health and Hygiene

Hygiene Education

Every water project is paired with Health Education. Teaching about hand washing, disease transmission and the importance of staying hydrated are a few of the many lessons. Fun and interactive ways of teaching Health Education make a lasting impression and can improve the health of a community by 45%.


WaterStep Health and Wellness pillar icon


We deliver solutions that improve the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of the individuals and communities we serve.

WaterStep Education and Training pillar icon


We support effective education and training programs to build healthier communities around the globe.

WaterStep Empower pillar icon


We provide people with tools and opportunities to improve their lives and thrive.

WaterStep Emergency relief pillar icon


We support the needs of people and communities in the midst of crisis to bring control and dignity.

WaterStep Products

WaterStep manufactures and provides products that make water safe to drink.  They’re available for sale to mission teams, humanitarians, disaster relief agencies, and survivalists.  All proceeds support WaterStep’s mission to save lives with safe water.

Through the generous funding of WaterStep donors and volunteers, we can offer solutions for water treatment, health education, hand pump repair, and hand well drilling at no cost to developing countries worldwide.

Browse safe water solutions for your water project at the Water Products for Good store.

people die every year from water-related diseases
people worldwide lack access to safe, clean water
of all diseases worldwide are caused by contaminated water
Waterstep - home - shoes for water


Help save lives by donating your used shoes or hosting a shoe drive.

WaterStep - Home Training


Attend a training session for water chlorination, health education or well repair.

Profiles & highlights

Waterstep - Home - Emmanuel Olupot

Emmanuel Olupot

Don't you just love it when children lead the way? That is the back story for Emmanuel Olupot, whose family lives in Uganda. Emmanuel's twelve-year-old daughter has a pen pal in the US. In the midst of their correspondence she mentioned that people were sick all the time in her community and she wished she could help them. Being an encouraging father Emmanuel began to make plans for the soon to be water project, really not expecting the impact it would have on his community.

Don and Shelley Lockhart

WaterStep relies heavily on our shoe program to fund our mission of saving lives with safe water around the world. We have drop-site locations all over Louisville, and in several other major cities as well. The shoes are collected by volunteers and brought to our headquarters in Old Louisville (shoes are pictured below waiting to be sorted). When COVID hit in March and everything shut down, the shoes stopped coming in and we had to temporarily close the building to volunteers. We were a bit concerned how we were going to move forward during the pandemic.

Annmarie Morin

About 18 months ago, I was tasked with bringing to life BASEflow’s bleach-making initiative that was introduced to us by WaterStep, one of our strategic partners. Since I was not doing much at the time as a recently unemployed youth looking for work, I took on the challenge – and what a challenge it has been. One of the first things I ended up doing was driving BASEflow’s flood response effort where I had to coordinate the production and distribution of bleach to households that were affected by the massive floods, caused by hurricane Idai, that hit Southern Malawi in 2019.

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