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We provide safe water to communities in developing countries through empowerment, equal access and transformative hope.

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We hope to see the day when no person has to drink unsafe water.

You drink safe water everyday, but millions don't.

More people in the world die each year from waterborne illnesses and poor sanitation than do in armed conflict.

Today, over 660 million people live without safe water.  That's one out of ten people on the planet.

Water vs. Armed Conflict

Multi-pronged Approach


While the problem is huge, the solutions are simple. Using simple tools and effective training, an empowered community can care for its water for years to come.

At WaterStep, our hope is to see the day when no person has to drink unsafe water. We provide safe water to communities in developing countries. We do this through implementing our own water projects or by training others to do a water project.

Working together, safe water has been provided to thousands of communities around the world with water chlorination, repairing hand pumps, and teaching health education. You can provide safe drinking water to people who need it most. We can't do this without you. Please join us by financially supporting one of our safe water projects or receive training to do it yourself.






Why do we give safe water?  Because people are thirsty:  People are literally dying because they don't have access to safe water.  WaterStep believes water is a gift from God, safe water is a tool for compassion, and providing safe water is the first step to a higher quality of life.  Our faith is our motivator, not a discriminator in helping others.   "I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink"

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