Save Lives with Safe Water

One individual. One family. One community at a time.

You drink safe water everyday, but millions don't.

Our mission is to provide safe water to communities in developing countries through empowerment, equal access and transformative hope. We are working toward a day when no person has to drink unsafe water.

More people in the world die each year from waterborne illnesses and poor sanitation than do in armed conflict.

Today, over 660 million people live without safe water. That's one out of ten people on the planet.

While the problem is huge, the solutions are simple. Using simple tools and effective training, an empowered community can care for its water for years to come.

At WaterStep, our hope is to see the day when no person has to drink unsafe water. We provide safe water to communities in developing countries. We do this through implementing our own water projects or by training others to do a water project.

Working together, safe water has been provided to thousands of communities around the world with water chlorination, repairing hand pumps, and teaching health education. You can provide safe drinking water to people who need it most. We can’t do this without you. Please join us by financially supporting one of our safe water projects or receive training to do it yourself.


Why do we give safe water?  Because people are thirsty:  People are literally dying because they don’t have access to safe water.  WaterStep believes water is a gift, safe water is a tool for compassion, and providing safe water is the first step to a higher quality of life. 

WaterStep Staff

WaterStep - Mark Hogg

Mark Hogg

CEO & Founder

WaterStep - Kurtis Daniels

Kurtis Daniels

Director of Training & Field Operations

WaterStep - Claudia Daniels

Claudia Daniels

Director of Training & Trips

Waterstep - about us - sarah yoder

Sarah Yoder

Director of Finance

Waterstep - about us - shelby catlett

Shelby Catlett

Accounting & Administrative Assistant

Waterstep - about us - derek howard

Derek Howard

Director of Shoe Program

Waterstep - about us - john gillig

John Gillig

Regional Shoe Coordinator

Joe Jacobi

Director of Manufacturing

Rosa Linda Tapia

Director of Operations Ecuador

Dr. Cindy Figueroa

Director of Operations Puerto Rico

Ana Lorena Cespedes Lopez

Director of Operations Costa Rica


Jordan Maiden

International Development Coordinator

WaterStep Board of Directors

Chief Business Development Officer, Landmark Recovery
Vice President
Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Louisville Water Co.
Director of Corporate Communication, Hilliard Lyons
Senior Financial Advisor, ARGI Financial Group
Former CEO, Cardinal Kitchens (retired)
Former CEO, Louisville Water Co. (retired)
Partner, Global Granite & Marble
Senior Manager, Neptune Technology Group Inc.

WaterStep Advisory Board

Robert L. Brown
Attorney, Lynch, Cox, Gilman & Goodman
David Givens
Senator, State of Kentucky
Greg Heitzman
MSD Executive Director (retired)
CEO of BlueWater Kentucky
Nat Irvin
Futurist, MBA Professor, University of Louisville
Angela Leet
District 7 Metro Councilwoman Louisville, KY
Ron Oliver V.P for Mission and Outreach, Norton Healthcare
Barbara Sexton Smith
Speaker, Author and Entreprenuer
Bill Smock
Medical Director
Lynn Smith
Hand Pump Repair Instructor
Larry Freibert

WaterStep Key Volunteers

WaterStep is thankful for hundreds of volunteers around the world that are making a difference in the lives of so many. Included in that list are some of these people that work out of the International Headquarters.

Christine Bald
Hal Baumann
Bob Belcher
Allen Clark
Frank Diebold
John DuPlessis
Diane Floyd
John Hargesheimer
Marcia Hogg
Lauren Kehr
Gary Lange
Mick Lorimer
David Mekus
Donna Mueller
Rick Robinson
David Roos
Ed Skarbek
Steve Socha
Jerry Tracy
James Walters
Karl Weidner

WaterStep Financials

We take financial stewardship seriously. With integrity and responsibility, we are ensuring that your dollars have the greatest impact on our partners and communities around the globe. WaterStep receives no federal or state funding.  We rely on the support from individuals, foundations, educational institutions, churches and the business community.

Over the past couple years, WaterStep has improved the way we operate allowing us to have a higher impact while reducing our costs. We have developed a Virtual Training Program and International Storehouses, allowing us to decrease costly travel and training expenses. The result has been a game changer allowing more people trained, more equipment in the field and more lives saved.

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