Students add safe water to their dental work in the Philippines

A team of students from University of Louisville installed WaterStep’s M-100 water purifier at Paril School in the Philippines, where they traveled this past week to set up a dental clinic. In this area, juice and soda is cheaper than water, and safe water was key to the UofL students’ dental work. This installation was part of a wider initiative to bring disaster relief to the Philippines in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Video and photos by Kylene White.

To learn more about what WaterStep is doing in the Philippines, including all media updates, visit our Philippines page.
For the latest news, check back here on the WaterStep blog, which will be updated regularly while our team is on the ground. Follow WaterStep on Twitter @WaterStep, using the hashtag #WSHaiyan. Follow Courier-Journal reporter and WaterStep team member Chris Kenning @ckenning_cj for updates from the field.
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