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WaterStep in Action – Tanzania

Written by: Pam Platt, WaterStep Communications Specialist

If you want to see WaterStep in action, if you want to see your donations to WaterStep in action, look no further than the pictures on this page.

They show field consultants and representatives of this Louisville, Ky.-based organization responding to a natural disaster in Tanzania, just one of 70 countries in which WaterStep has operated; we’ve been present in Tanzania since 2020.

On Dec. 3, torrential rainfall causing flooding and mudslides, washed away homes, cars, communities, and farmland, impacting thousands of people and households.

Within days, WaterStep field consultant Jerald Malamba (pictured above) and his team were on the ground in the damaged areas, seeing to safe water and hygiene needs of the people affected.

Partnering and collaborating with local leaders for the greatest efficiency and effect, and to learn and act upon what was on residents’ minds, the WaterStep team deployed six 5,000-liter water tanks for safe water storage and distribution, with at least a half-dozen more that also will answer the emergency needs. WaterStep representatives also have conducted educational water, sanitation and hygiene sessions with several thousand people to combat waterborne illness, and more sessions are planned.

All of this underscores the pillars of WaterStep … health and wellness; education and training; empowerment; and emergency relief. In the latter, we support the needs of people and communities in the midst of crisis to bring control and dignity. Which is what WaterStep is doing in Tanzania right now, as residents recover from floods and mudslides. With your help. When you support WaterStep, this is what you support.

We thank you for your help in helping Jerald Malamba and other consultants do their work in the field, even if that field is flooded right now.

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