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WaterStep Collaborates to Send Additional Relief to Ukraine

WaterStep recently partnered with two other Louisville-based humanitarian organizations to send aid to Bucha Ukraine and other towns north of Kyev where victims are suffering from former Russian occupation. WaterStep sent 40 BleachMakers to provide disinfection in medical settings, SOS sent medical supplies and medications and Love the Hungry supplied fortified meals for the victims and refugees from the war. 

The 40 BleachMakers included in this relief shipment are in addition to the 100 BleachMakers WaterStep shipped out to Ukraine last month. These tools are portable, durable, sustainable, inexpensive to operate and are in high demand by medical centers and mash field hospitals in the red zones of Ukraine. The total value of the equipment sent thus far is $63,000. We hope to send an additional 350 BleachMakers in the coming weeks and months.

In addition to the BleachMakers, WaterStep would also like to deploy a WOW (Water on Wheels) Cart to Ukraine. The WOW Cart is a mini-water treatment plant on wheels that is designed to provide safe water, disinfectant, and a power source in a disaster or war situation. WaterStep Founder and CEO, Mark Hogg, is pictured above demonstrating the WOW Cart for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer when he stopped by our headquarters this week. 

WaterStep is honored to be a part of Louisville’s Ukrainian Task Force, a volunteer group with a desire to help Ukrainians, organized by the Louisville Metro Office for Globalization. The Metro Office has selected WaterStep as a trusted local nonprofit that is working to provide relief to the people of Ukraine. Click here to learn more. 

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