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World Water Day 2022

Each year on March 22nd, the world pauses to reflect on the global water crisis. Started in 1993 by the United Nations, World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2.2 billion people worldwide who live without access to safe drinking water. 

Women and children around the world are tasked with getting water for their families each day. It’s the very first thing they do, often before dawn. The average trip to get water is 6.3 miles and the jerry can full of water weighs 40 pounds. These cans are generally carried on their heads causing pain and long-term health problems. This water they are painstakingly carrying will most likely make them sick. However, they have no other choice. 

WaterStep has worked for the last 27 years to put an end to the global water crisis. We work in 63 countries around the globe to bring safe water and improved sanitation to communities that desperately need it. We have impacted more than 6 million lives with our work!

There is still much to do. Consider a donation today to join us in our efforts to end the global water crisis. 

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