Disaster relief organizations in the Philippines start water training

WaterStep team and training attendees talk about the first day of training at WaterStep’s training center in the Philippines that was set up earlier this week. Video by Kylene White

Make a donation to WaterStep’s disaster relief work in the Philippines on our Philippines page.

After two days of training, the WaterStep team in the Philippines has trained 98 individuals representing 22 organizations that are doing disaster relief work in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Each of these organizations receive a donated M-100 Chlorine Generator, which they will in turn install in a community where they are working and train the locals in its operation and maintenance. This train-the-trainer model, at the heart of WaterStep’s mission, will result in a ripple effect with enormous impact, more than could be possible with just a WaterStep team doing the installations themselves.
A lot has already been accomplished, but there is still work to be done. We are still taking donations of all sizes to contribute to this disaster work in the Philippines, so if you are reading this, please consider a donation, share this blog with a friend, and tell someone the story.
To learn more about what WaterStep is doing in the Philippines, including all media updates, visit our Philippines page. Read WaterStep team member Chris Kenning’s article in the Louisville Courier-Journal.
For the latest news, check back here on the WaterStep blog, which will be updated regularly while our team is on the ground. Follow WaterStep on Twitter @WaterStep, using the hashtag #WSHaiyan. Follow Courier-Journal reporter and WaterStep team member Chris Kenning @ckenning_cj for updates from the field.
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