The Potential to Help Thousands

In one weekend at WaterStep, a training can have the potential to bring water to thousands of people. The training from June 7-8 was no different.
Director of Training and Trips Claudia Daniels began the meeting by saying that if every person there that day took a water treatment system to an area of the world without clean water, then hundreds of thousands of people would have clean water to drink.
The staggering number was only supported by the number of countries that were represented by the 18 training participants. Around the room, participants had plans to travel all across the world in the future, with hopes of bringing a chlorine generator and their knowledge of health and hygiene with them.
The countries represented included India, Mongolia, Honduras, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Panama.
People from different backgrounds who were motivated by different causes came together to learn how to end the world water crisis. Some were motivated by previous trips to developing countries when they recognized the need for water. Others have family members living in, or adopted from developing countries. Still others came out of curiosity or to better understand the technology of our water treatment systems.
Training is a critical part of WaterStep’s mission. Daniels said, “When we started out, we were trying to fix the problem all on our own, but we realized that we needed more help.” Training allows WaterStep to provide more people with the necessary skills and tools to bring people clean water.
Like one of our participants said, “If you care about people, you have to care about their water.”
Check out our Water Health & Hygiene Training page to find out when our next training is and sign up.

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