BE A FORCE FOR GOOD by donating online to WaterStep, Sept 14

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Have you dreamed of making history? You can make history by donating HERE to WaterStep on Sept 14 during WaterStep’s biggest day of online giving. $10 is the minimum gift and WaterStep is hoping to raise $50,000 dollars with at least 300 donors! WaterStep knows a special young lady who has dreamed of making history. Her name is Lucy Westlake. Lucy is a 13 year old girl with a passion to use her gift of climbing mountains to bring awareness and raise money for the water crisis in our world.
It was through Lucy’s six year journey of climbing mountains that the door opened for her to travel to Uganda to bring safe water to Faith and her family. Through years of written communication that began through Operation Christmas Child, Lucy had learned about Faith’s life and community in Uganda. She heard stories and saw pictures of how children suffer from waterborne illnesses because they do not have access to safe water. Faith lives in eastern Uganda, a rural area made up of small villages with little to no infrastructure. Families live in huts and survive off the crops they plant and the animals they raise. The women and children in the villages walk up to 2 miles every day to fill their jerrycans with contaminated water from a hole in the ground.
Because of Lucy’s determination, a safe water system now exists in Uganda and is providing safe water for over 2000 people a day. Hope now exists in a community that had felt forgotten. Health now exists in a region ravaged by disease. Joy exists in the faces of the many children when water flows.

It is hard to comprehend that millions of people around the world wake up and struggle for water every day. We wake up and expect there to be safe water flowing from the faucet. It was a real-eye opener for me to experience this first hand. It grips your heart because you know you can do something about it.”
Lucy Westlake, 13 years old

When YOU give to WaterStep on Sept 14 during Give For Good Louisville, you are helping us tackle the world’s water crisis. Did you know that 663 million people lack access to safe water? Did you know that every 30 seconds a child dies from a waterborne illness? Did you know that 80% of all disease in the world is caused by contaminated water?

THANK YOU FOR SAVING LIVES WITH SAFE WATER! To donate on Sept 14, click here!

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