Thank you to Ana, Our Partner in Costa Rica

Ana WaterStepWe are thankful for Ana and her dedication to saving lives with safe water in her country, Costa Rica. Ana has been a part of the WaterStep team for 9 years.
She was inspired to partner more deeply with WaterStep when she was invited to translate during water installs. Ana has worked tirelessly and faithfully on the field to bring safe water to her community. Ana says that safe water is important to her for her community’s health, but also because safe water “gives a sense of pride, a sense of being safe and respected by others.”
Ana also says, “I am proud to work for WaterStep…my life is not the same since I started working on this great project.”
Now, Ana helps WaterStep evaluate new potential sites and new communities for water projects. She is our in-country partner, and WaterStep is grateful for her partnership.
Because of Ana’s ground work, and your gifts, WaterStep has been able to visit Costa Rica annually, taking safe water to other Costa Rican neighbors.
This year, Ana made her first international trip to the US to celebrate WaterStep’s 20th Anniversary. She is a living example of why the work we do is so important. She lives and breathes the mission of WaterStep, and shares in our pursuit of a day when no one suffers from a water-borne illness.

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