Reaching New Heights part 2

Empowerment. A valuable word. Waterstep takes pride in training people how to use safe water solutions like water purification so that communities in the developing world are empowered to take care of their own water needs for years. Waterstep believes the best solutions to water problems are rooted in simple tools and effective training.
Waterstep is thrilled to report that the village of Atiriri in Central Uganda now has safe water because the Westlake Family was empowered and trained by Waterstep to install safe water solutions in this village. Remember Lucy? If not, click here. Lucy and Faith had only been pen pals but now they are kindred spirits. Lucy’s family and Faith’s family were instant friends. Lucy’s mom, Amy, says “It was clear that God had joined our spirits a long time ago.”
Lucy’s parents shared that they believe this is a model for the world! The whole village, the tribe, had met several times before they arrived to appoint the four leaders that would be in charge of their water. When the Westlake family arrived, they all worked together for two days to install and educate the team on WaterStep’s M-100 – the chlorine generator. The village came together for a spirit-filled dedication and celebration of their new, safe water. It was noted by one of their community leaders that they no longer have to walk 3-4 miles a day to fetch water and neither do they have to sleep in the well until water arrives.
Lucy and her family continue their journey to Tanzania as Rodney (dad) and Lucy (12 years old) will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this Saturday. Just as Rodney and Lucy will reach new heights on Saturday, the village of Atiriri reached new heights as they worked together for two days to install and educate the local community on the M-100, Waterstep’s chlorine generator. WaterStep truly believes in empowering people like the Westlake family to transfer knowledge and empowerment to nationals in the developing world.

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