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Standing on Top of the World: Lucy Westlake

This week, Lucy Westlake stood on top of the world as she became the youngest American woman to summit Mt Everest. Lucy has been mountaineering since she was a little girl and also holds the record as the youngest female to have climbed all 50 US state highpoints. 

Lucy got connected with WaterStep when she was just 12 years old and wanted to help her pen pal, Faith, get safe water for her village in central Uganda. Lucy and her family came to WaterStep to get trained on the M-100 ChlorineGenerator, a simple machine that uses salt and a power source to make up to 10,000 gallons of water safe to drink each day. Equipped with knowledge and the necessary equipment, the family traveled to Uganda in early 2017. They spent two days in the village working with local leaders and successfully installed the M-100 for the village of 500 people.

To read more about Lucy’s story and history with WaterStep, click here

We are so excited to celebrate this huge accomplishment with Lucy! 

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  1. Ryan

    Great job Lucy! Congratulations on your summit and on your heart for clean water. It is encouraging to see a young person passionate about so many different causes. I hope we get the opportunity to interact some day as I would like to hear about your trip to the top of the world and how changing the course of a village in Uganda impacted you.

  2. Barb

    Yay I have tears of joy. So thrilled, so proud of you and the spirit within you to keep pressing on. God is going to do even greater things with you. Watch out world! God bless and I’m inspired to help with clean water, starting in Nepal.

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