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A Journey Beyond Compare

Ana Lorena, in Costa Rica, has been involved with WaterStep for the last 13 years. She initially got connected by translating for teams who travelled with WaterStep to Costa Rica to install water projects in rural areas lacking access to public water sources. Her relationship with WaterStep has grown and developed in the years since, and Ana is now our only international WaterStep staff member! She is pictured below with some of our 2019 Costa Rica team. We hope to get back to taking trips in 2021!
Ana is a firecracker, spreading WaterStep’s mission of saving lives with safe water to all parts of Costa Rica. During the pandemic, she has been focused more on the BleachMaker. She said, “We have liters and liters of disinfectant. I feel like a disinfectant factory.” She is producing the disinfectant out of her home where she lives with her husband, three boys, three cats and two dogs. Ana is not currently selling the disinfectant, although she would like to set up a business in the future. She gives the disinfectant away to whoever needs it.
Recently, Ana gave five WaterStep BleachMakers to the Genesis Foundation, a Christian ministry operating in slum areas of Costa Rica. They have feeding centers, daycare centers, a school, centers for troubled teens and more. Ana conducted a training session and they were amazed at the simple technology. Just water, salt and electricity produces disinfectant? Yep! Ana is pictured below conducting the training at one of the Genesis Foundation facilities.
“Working with WaterStep has given me the opportunity to know my country and my people better. I can’t imagine not doing this work with WaterStep. I could be working outside the house making lots more money, but I enjoy this so much. All the experiences, all the people I have met, all the funny stories, all the opportunities I have had through WaterStep, the journey is beyond compare. When I was 38, I left my country for the first time. I took my first plane ride and travelled all the way to WaterStep Headquarters in Louisville, KY. It was life-changing. I even got to see snow for the first time!” – Ana Lorena
Ana is pictured with friend and co-worker, Claudia Daniels, during her trip to Louisville. According to Claudia, Ana “runs the show” in Costa Rica! You keep doing your thing, Ana. We are so thankful to have you as part of WaterStep Nation!
Fun fact about Ana: She has a side business making marshmallow treats on sticks in cute animal shapes. These treats are in high demand!
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