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Breaking Free from Hopelessness

In East Africa, most women are in a desperate cycle of poverty. Forced to make poor choices, like stealing food for their children, they can end up being arrested and imprisoned. The women experience a feeling of hopelessness and are unable to imagine a future where things might look different.

WaterStep Field Consultant, Humphrey Mechuma, has been working in East African prisons to improve water quality and sanitation practices within these facilities. Each institution is trained on our equipment: the M-100 ChlorineGenerator to make their water safe to drink, and the BleachMaker to make disinfectant. The disinfectant solution generated by the BleachMaker will kill viruses such as Ebola and COVID and can also be diluted for general household cleaning. Both pieces of equipment are incredibly inexpensive to operate and are fully sustainable. 

In the prisons WaterStep has been able to work in, the women are remarkably healthier and their environment is sanitary. They have become empowered by learning how to manufacture their own safe water and bleach. Humphrey also trains the women on business practices and money management. Once released, they can sell these products in open markets and earn money, allowing them to break free from the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. 

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