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WaterStep Unveils New Disaster Response Equipment

Special blog post by Founder & CEO, Mark Hogg

I am so jazzed to tell you what we got to do LAST WEEK! After five years of research and development, we launched our newest piece of equipment at the American Water Works Association Regional Conference. It’s called Water On Wheels, or better known as, the WOW Cart. Believe it or not, WaterStep’s new piece of equipment is a game changer for disaster response and can be used right here in the US any time the water source in an area is compromised.   

Now, let me tell you how this all came to be… 

Jerry and Jacki Shafer are local realtors and friends of WaterStep for years. 

In 2011, the Shafers donated their moving truck to WaterStep so we could haul shoes. Then, Maggie Harlow at Sign-a-Rama gave us a grant to wrap the truck with an attractive design from our friends at Current360. 

You never know what can happen when a thought provoking 20 ft. box truck gallivants around the interstate to save lives.

In 2014, on I-71 in Cincinnati, Dr. Jim Goodrich at the Water Infrastructure Research and Development Division of the EPA was stuck in traffic, staring at the beautiful faces of children talking about shoes and safe water.

Intrigued, Jim called WaterStep. He scheduled a visit to discuss his church providing safe water internationally. On a side note, his EPA colleagues were curious to see if WaterStep technology could be a fit on an EPA and Homeland Security project. 

So, add up the truck + artwork + traffic jam + inquisitive Jim + a passion to help people + the timeliness for an EPA development design around water and you GET LAST WEEK!

All of this fits together to culminate in the unveiling of the WOW Cart at the AWWA conference. These are exciting times at WaterStep. Join the team by signing up to be a RainMaker (monthly donor). We need your support to continue to do this life-saving work. Thanks for being  a part of WaterStep Nation!

Sincerely and Gratefully,

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