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Donna Mueller – Our Faithful Volunteer

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Donna Mueller can be found volunteering with WaterStep’s manufacturing team. She spends a few hours building parts for the M-100 ChlorineGenerator on Tuesday mornings and on Thursdays mornings she focuses on making and assembling training materials that go out into the field with WaterStep equipment. She arrives with Marcia Hogg, her Direct Support Professional from Mattingly Edge, and they walk the halls of WaterStep  greeting all the staff and volunteers in the building that day.

Donna and Marcia have been volunteering at WaterStep for the last three years. Marcia said, “When Donna and I first met, Donna was very interested in construction work. She was intrigued by bridges, guard rails, ramps, etc. We visited WaterStep to see if manufacturing would be interesting work for Donna. It was a perfect fit.” We asked Donna why she likes to come to WaterStep. She said, “I like to work here. We save lives!”. 

We love having Donna at WaterStep. She does important work that allows us to send our life-saving equipment into the field. The M-100 ChlorineGenerator that Donna works on has the capability of making 10,000 gallons of water safe to drink every day. Donna and other faithful volunteers have enabled WaterStep to serve more than 300,000 people, just this year. As Donna was leaving the building today she walked down the hall and said, “I love you, WaterStep.” Well, Donna, we at WaterStep sure love you! Thanks for being a part of WaterStep Nation!

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