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WaterStep Sending Additional Aid to Turkey

WaterStep is partnering with SOS, Love the Hungry and UPS to send additional aid to Turkey (TURKIYE). Courtesy of the UPS foundation, 80 BleachMakers, 70,000 meals and 200,000 medical supplies will leave Louisville tonight and arrive in Turkey early Saturday morning to provide much needed aid to people suffering after the devastating earthquake that struck last week. 

WaterStep is working with Dr. Han Mamhur, a Turkish native currently living in Washington DC, to route our BleachMakers to pediatric hospitals treating injured infants and children. The BleachMaker is an invaluable tool for a hospital or clinic. In one hour, it produces a disinfectant solution using salt, water and a power source that is strong enough to be used in a medical environment for disinfection and sanitization. These BleachMakers will have an impact on the lives of 200,000 people! 

This is the most recent collaboration of many between WaterStep, Love the Hungry and SOS over the years. This trifecta of Louisville-based organizations have received the Greater Louisville Inc. Fleur-de-Lis Award (2022) and the Center for Nonprofit Excellence Pyramid Award of Excellence for the Art of Collaboration (2019) for their work in past disasters. We are all honored, alongside UPS, to be able to bring hope to the Turkish people as they begin the arduous journey of recovery.

Please consider donating to our disaster relief efforts today!

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