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WaterStep Partners with UPS to Make History

Recently, WaterStep sent out the largest one-time shipment of equipment in the organization’s history! This was made possible thanks to our incredible donors, manufacturing team and our partners at UPS. The Louisville-based company shipped the 630 pieces of equipment at no cost to us. This is a huge breakthrough, as we used to rely almost solely on people traveling to the countries we serve to hand-carry equipment with them. Sending this much equipment at one time will have an enormous impact on the communities in East Africa. In fact, it is estimated this equipment will impact 1.7 million lives!

Kurtis Daniels, WaterStep Director of Training and Operations, loads the equipment onto the UPS truck, above

It is Finally Here!

Our WaterStep field consultants in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have eagerly awaited the arrival of this equipment for months. The truck arrived to cheers of excitement as they watched what had once been a dream become a reality. The 630 pieces of equipment included M-100 ChlorineGenerators (which make water safe to drink), BleachMakers (which produce a disinfection solution strong enough to be used in a medical environment) and WaterBalls (which are a water transport tool). All of this equipment will be stored in a brand new building constructed on Field Consultant, Paul Owino’s, property in Kisumu, Kenya. We have a management team in place in East Africa which will begin distributing equipment for approved projects. Stay tuned for the many stories of transformation coming in the near future!

WaterStep team members pose with the truck as it arrives, below
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