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Girls School in Kenya Thankful for Safe Water

WaterStep Field Consultant, Humphrey Muchuma, has been busy distributing equipment from the large shipment that arrived in East Africa last month. Recently, he was able to bless the Nangina Girls High School in Buscia County, Kenya with an M-100 ChlorineGenerator and two BleachMakers. The M-100 can make up to 10,000 gallons of water safe to drink each day using a small amount of salt and a car battery. The BleachMaker also uses salt and a car battery or other power source to produce a disinfectant solution strong enough to kill the Ebola virus and COVID-19. 

Clement Wesonga, pictured above, has been a lab technician at the school for the last 12 years. The school has 1800 students, all girls, who live at the school full-time. Clement said they struggle with waterborne illnesses, most commonly with cholera. He is excited to have the training and technology to combat these illnesses. He is also looking forward to sharing their safe water and disinfectant with the local hospital.

Deputy Principal, Ruth (pictured above, receiving the M-100 from Humphrey), shared that the school was started in the 1950’s by the catholic church and is one of the oldest schools in the area. She said, “I am quite grateful and hopeful that sanitation will be much improved for the girls.” A student from the school, Mario June, said, “Before we were drinking contaminated water. The water is now chlorinated and we are drinking safe water. I am thankful to WaterStep.”

WaterStep is thankful for Humphrey and the lives he is transforming in Kenya. Keep it up Humphrey!

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