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Making Ripples

Written by: Pam Platt, WaterStep Communications Specialist

In the world of WaterStep, a single drop of water on a pond’s surface is all it takes to cause a ripple effect to improve health, stir hope, inspire confidence, shape skills, and bring joy with safe water.

We invite you to add to those ripples, to be one of those ripples, by supporting WaterStep.

Providing education, training, and physical tools, we empower individuals in 70 countries to take care of their own water needs, alleviating suffering, building healthier people and communities, and transforming lives and futures. In 2022, WaterStep efforts impacted more than 3.4 million people with safe water and sustainable health.

A look at WaterStep’s work in four key areas, and in impacted communities:

Health and wellness. WaterStep is helping girls in Africa to move beyond the stigmatizing and limiting aspects of menstruation that prevent many girls even from attending school. In Tanzania, WaterStep has teamed with two other non-profits, EduSelf and Days for Girls International, for water sanitation, health education, and menstrual health education. Together, the partners are providing bleach for reusable pad washing and sanitation, finishing a “changing room” at the school for girls with their periods, and furnishing reusable liners, pads and underwear for girls.

Education and training. The safe-water impact on student health was so positive at Our Lady of Mercy girls’ school in Chebukaka, Kenya, that 35 students formed a club to train others about the health benefits of drinking safe water and handwashing. Club members also sold the water and bleach they were generating with WaterStep equipment at affordable prices and were able to offset school fees with the income so even more girls could attend school.

Empowerment. Impoverished East African women are forced into poor choices such as stealing food to provide for their children and can end up imprisoned. Assisted by the efforts of  
WaterStep Field Consultant Humphrey Mechuma, women prisoners where WaterStep has installed safe water equipment are much healthier because of this difference. Inmates also are empowered by having made their own safe water and bleach, skills to help break the cycle of poverty that led them to prison in the first place.

Emergency relief. WaterStep has responded to 32 domestic and international disasters, bringing lifesaving equipment in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, human-caused disasters, and the Russo-Ukrainian war. Our workers come into disasters with simple tools that are mobile, easy-to-use, and sustainable to provide safe water and disinfectant.

How to add a ripple

  • Donate Shoes! Three pairs equate to providing safe water for 1 person for life.
  • Use the QR code on this page and donate. Be a WaterStep RainMaker.
  • Volunteer; come for a tour and check us out. 502-568-6342 or visit
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