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Breaking the Cycle of Unsafe Water


“We must step up and do something right to break the cycle of enslavement, and access to safe water is the best way to empower and transform communities.”

Raphael Wanjala is from Nairobi, Kenya. He has initiated a long term partnership with WaterStep to transform his community through safe water. Now, Raphael is here exploring the next phases of transforming and empowering his community through sanitation. “Right now we are already doing water purification, and we are doing health education. If we can incorporate sanitation, we are going to save more lives.” With WaterStep, Raphael recognizes that in order for third world communities to thrive, the three components of water purification, health education, and sanitation, must be in place, and he is committed to helping his community solve the problem.

“Water is the core of your life, and the need is great,” Raphael says. If you would like to give to break the cycle of unsafe water for others like Raphael, please donate now.

Watch today’s WHAS11 segment on Raphael, and the power of working together:  Local Agencies Educate on Healthy Water

WaterStep partners with Ivy Tech and Current360 to take Health and Hygiene long distance!

Distance Learning is extremely advantageous for those who wish to pursue additional studies and those who wish to learn more about a subject matter. WaterStep Health and Hygiene Remote Training may be taken by individuals who live in remote places, are going on mission trips and working professionals who may be unable to take the regular program offered in Louisville, Ky.

Friday, March 1, 2013, WaterStep in conjunction with partners Ivy Tech and Current360 filmed the first distance learning modules for those who wish to learn more about Health and Hygiene. The filmed modules will enable individuals or groups to help people understand what germs and parasites are, how they are transmitted and use this knowledge to prevent waterborne illness.

The biggest advantage of distance learning in the modern world is that these programs provide the learner with flexibility to continue or enhance their knowledge without compromising on education quality or course content. This is a perfect fit for WaterStep because our vision is to train, equip, and mobilize ordinary people in sustainable solutions for treated water, health and hygiene, and sanitation, around the world. We apply technology to empower the local population in avoidance of perpetual dependency by sharing our knowledge and technology to save lives.