Show Some Love to Flint With No Strings Attached

“Today like any other day, WaterStep wants you to know though much of our equipment and training is designed for certain use in the developing world and disaster situations both natural and non-natural, it is never at the price of overlooking a neighbor,” Mark Hogg, founder and CEO of WaterStep, said on Friday.
WaterStep Donate to Flint
WaterStep, along with leaders around Louisville announced our plans on Friday to raise money to support the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Researchers found that lead had been seeping into the water in the Michigan community. Lead poisoning is dangerous. It can cause skin lesions, hair loss, vision loss, memory loss, depression and anxiety.
To help, we are inviting you to donate money or used shoes that will help fund the Flint Child Health and Development Fund. This fund will provide support to Flint children exposed to lead. “It’s not that we just feel bad for the people of Flint,” Mayor Greg Fischer said on Friday. “We’re going to do something for the people of Flint.” Students from St. Michael School in Louisville have already started doing just that. They asked their classmates to donate and collected thousands of shoes to go to our Flint Love Fundraiser.
WaterStep Donate to Flint
Louisville is a compassionate city and a city that understands the importance of access to safe water. “Our community is going to step up again,” Fischer said. “And show the people of Flint and American how our city exercises its value of compassion into action.”
And you don’t have to be from Louisville to donate! We invite anyone to donate online at our Flint Love website.
You can also donate shoes to WaterStep and we’ll use your used shoes to fund efforts in Flint. Want to know how we turn shoes into money? Check out our Shoe Info Video.
Find drop-sites for shoes near you, here.

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