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Paul Owino Builds Bleach Business in Kenya

WaterStep Field Consultant, Paul Owino, is seeing a 10 month project come to fruition with the completion of his new bleachmaking headquarters in Kisumu, Kenya. His new building consists of three rooms: one for producing bleach, one for packaging, and one for selling it to local residents. They also have a motorcycle they use to deliver bleach. Paul supports himself and seven other team members through his business. 

Bleach is very expensive in Kenya, so the community has welcomed Paul and is thankful to have a more affordable sanitation option. The Kenyan government certified the bleach and approved Paul’s business. Getting the endorsement from the government was a huge accomplishment for Paul and the final step in opening his new building.

The WaterStep BleachMaker creates bleach that is strong enough to kill the Ebola virus using salt, water, and a power source. These items are inexpensive and easy to find in the developing world.

The bleach can be used full strength in a medical setting or can be diluted for general household cleaning. We are proud of Paul’s accomplishments and thankful he is a part of WaterStep Nation!

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