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Meet Board Member Chelsea Rueff!

Rounding out our featured WaterStep Wonder Women is our amazing board member, Chelsea Rueff! 
  • How did you initially get involved with WaterStep? I started following WaterStep on social media a few years ago because I heard about their mission and thought it was awesome, challenging and inspiring. After a few years of watching their many amazing projects and seeing the extent of their outreach worldwide, I decided to get involved. I asked a mutual friend to introduce me to Mark Hogg, though I could have done it myself because come to find out, Mark has never met a stranger in his life! We met and talked about our visions, hopes and goals for the future. Shortly afterward, he welcomed me to WaterStep Nation with open arms.
  • What do you like most about WaterStep’s mission? I love its simplicity. We have one goal: “saving lives with safe water.” It’s not complicated, political, biased or easily misinterpreted. Because of that simplicity and all it espouses, we’re still going strong after more than 25 years.
  • What do you hope to see WaterStep accomplish in 2021? I want to see our impact explode even greater into the world. We have such potential for providing an amazing amount of good, and I’m thrilled by all we have to offer. Everyone already connected with WaterStep knows how special this organization is and its potential for making a real, positive impact. The rest of the world deserves to know and benefit from it, too.
  • Will you tell us a bit about your family? I’m single and a dog-mom to two very spoiled rescue pups. The majority of my family live in Louisville and, not uncoincidentally, all love to be involved with WaterStep and its mission as much as possible!
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I love to travel – whenever I can score time away from work, I’m out of here on the next plane (assuming there’s no global pandemic going on, of course). On my bucket list of places to go/things to do before I’m 40 is to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, hike to Machu Pichu, and visit Antarctica. I’d also love to get a chance to use the incredible knowledge I gained in WaterStep’s Well Repair class (highly recommend!).
Thank you, Chelsea, for all you do for WaterStep!
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