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A Helping Hand in Honduras

WaterStep Wonder Woman, Meiley Garrido, is a new field consultant in Honduras and she just completed her first project. Last November, Honduras was hit with two hurricanes. Eta made landfall first, followed closely by Iota (the aftermath is pictured below). The community of El Carrizal was devastated by the storms and their water supply was compromised. A longtime WaterStep supporter, Dennis Mangum, connected WaterStep to Meiley and the Frontline Missions organization (where Meiley has worked for the last 20 years).
WaterStep quickly agreed to help, shipped the equipment to Honduras, and then trained the project leader, Pastor Luis Romero, virtually. Pastor Luis and Meiley launched the project and the community responded by providing plenty of people to volunteer, as well as some extra funds needed to complete the project. Meiley said, “It was really cool to see the community get involved and become invested in the project. It’s all about bonding with the community and seeing them take ownership.” The project is now complete and the community of El Carrizal is drinking safe water. Meiley is looking forward to working with WaterStep again soon.
We are so thankful for Meiley, Dennis, Pastor Luis and all the amazing WaterStep connections that exist around the globe. WaterStep Nation is on the move!

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