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Leaving a Watermark in Ecuador

Those connected by water form powerful currents that can make a difference. WaterStep rode the wave of this current by attending the 10thNational Forum for Water Resources on July 5-6 in Quito, Ecuador.

An interactive booth not only demonstrated WaterStep technology, but, provided safe water to the conference’s attendees.

This biannual event brings together water agencies around the world to discuss water quality, distribution and infrastructure problems and develop collaborative solutions.

Since the 2016 earthquake, over 100 WaterStep systems have been delivered and installed in Ecuador. Much of this work can be accredited to Rosa Linda, WaterStep’s Ecuadorian leader.

Here Rosa Linda can be seen demonstrating the M100.

However, Rosa Linda plans to expand the mission in Ecuador even further by providing relief for more areas that lack adequate water resources. Therefore, attending this forum allowed her to network with organizations to collect ideas on how and where to grow the mission.

Representatives from FEP, The Red Cross, and WaterStep worked at the booth to teach people the benefits of WaterStep technology and training.

Jordan Maiden, WaterStep’s International Development Coordinator, traveled from Louisville, Kentucky, to support Rosa Linda, attend the event and demonstrate WaterStep’s commitment to Ecuador.

At the forum, WaterStep hosted a demonstration booth led by Ecuadorian volunteers to show participants how to operate WaterStep’s M-100 Chlorine Generator, BleachMaker, along with other water systems. The booths also offered opportunities for organizations to learn about water training and hygiene.

In addition to WaterStep, many other organizations were in attendance, such as FEPP, a large Ecuadorian humanitarian aid organization that has supported and worked with WaterStep for several years.

Other organizations such as SwissAid, CESA, PROTOS and Justica Hidrica were also in attendance.

The conference brought together more than 1,000 participants from all over the world, including community organizations, water boards, indigenous people, students, teachers and researchers who are all connected by a desire to provide access to clean water.

In addition to attending the conference, WaterStep was able to visit surrounding communities in Ecuador and scout potential sites to install equipment that will bring clean water to people who need it.

Fact-finding missions were also conducted to gain an understanding of how to approach a specific community’s particular needs. Details from these missions were shared with engineers in Louisville who are currently working to develop unique solutions for these communities.

The 10thNational Forum for Water Resources was not only a success for WaterStep but for those who came to support water agencies and share their passion for water as well. The conference was a prime example of how water connects us all

In appreciation of their hard work and dedication to brining safe water to Ecuador WaterStep donated an M100 Chlorine Generator to FEP.

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