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Imagine a Day Without Water

Imagine a day without water in Louisville? 

 No water, no River City. No Belle of Louisville and Mary M. Miller riverboats. No Mary M. Miller, America’s first woman licensed sea captain. No jaunty calliope music on the Waterfront. No Steamboat Museum. No Water Tower. No Waterfront Park. No Waterfront Wednesdays. No Thunder Over Louisville fireworks from the Clark Memorial Bridge. No Thunder Over Louisville. No Lewis and Clark. No other bridges, either. No Abbey Road on the River. No River Road. No bourbon. No Bourbon Trail. No distilleries. No staggering sunsets at favorite watering holes along the … never mind. No fishing. No landing largemouth bass or bluegill. No Lenten fish fries. No farm-to-table, Kentucky Proud fare. No more foodie destinations. No farms. No horses. No horse racing. No forests. No hiking trails. No lakes, No Olmsted Parks. No splash parks. No water hazards at golf courses. No golf courses. No kayaking. No canoeing. No Hike, Bike and Paddle. No Ironman. No Falls of the Ohio. No fossils. No Falls City Beer. No Falls City. No Louisville.  

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