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Can You See Me?

We See You

Today launches the start of World Water Month. A time to focus on the world water crisis and do your part to make a difference. In the first two months of 2022, WaterStep has already impacted more than 500,000 lives through our life-saving equipment. We work to improve water quality and sanitation practices in 62 countries around the world. Yet, there is much to do. Women and children are still walking miles to collect contaminated water for their families. This unsafe water causes a vicious cycle of illness, but they have no other choice. Will you help?

In the Bantu language there is a greeting, “sawu-bona”, which means “I see you.” The response is “si-cona”, which means “I am here because I have been seen.” In many of the communities we serve, the people feel invisible. WaterStep proves to them, WE SEE YOU. Click on the picture below to check out our newest video. Join WaterStep Nation today.

WaterStep Ambassador, Raphael Wanjala, recently said, “Access to safe water is a human right that has the power to break the cycle of poverty, protect and save lives, and to make a bright future possible for all.” WaterStep is in the business of saving lives and putting an end to the global water crisis one community at a time. Please consider coming alongside and doing your part by making a donation today. 

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