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Bringing Smiles Back

Motivated by a call to serve, Zacharie Tossou with the Global Solidarity Initiative in Senegal is partnering with WaterStep to open WaterStep’s first training center and storehouse in Africa. This new expansion will enable our African partners in 11 different countries to have access to WaterStep’s life-saving technology and hands-on training in water treatment, sanitation and health education, thus reducing the number of people who die daily from a waterborne illness. In addition, this training center in Dakar will be a place where educators from across Senegal can be trained on how to install and maintain safe water systems and health education in local schools, beginning in the city of Touba.

The needs are URGENT. Zacharie works with thousands of street children, an extremely vulnerable population, who survive by begging. They lack food, healthcare, safe water and health and hygiene education. The water they drink is simply NOT SAFE. Thousands of children are susceptible to waterborne illness and without healthcare, these children will die if they don’t have access to safe water. His mission is to save lives by providing safe water, putting an end to the childrens’ begging and bringing smiles back.

Your support is essential in providing Africa with WaterStep’s life-saving technology. The cost of this expansion is $30,000. You can be proud that your END OF YEAR CONTRIBUTION will empower families and communities in 11 different countries to not only survive but thrive. Thank you for joing us! You can DONATE NOW!

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