100 Purifiers to Nepal

When earthquakes struck Nepal last month, WaterStep immediately began planning our response. We are ready to send 100 chlorine generators with five staff members and volunteers to Nepal to train locals and provide the technology they need to access safe water.
WaterStep brings disaster relief to Nepal
What impact can 100 purifiers have?
We saw in the Philippines in 2013 that by training locals and NGOs already responding to disasters, our work could be multiplied to greater areas and have an even bigger impact.
Instead of temporary solutions, like water bottles or purifying tablets, the M-100 water purifiers will be a solution to the water problems in a community for years to come. With each purifier capable of providing safe water to 10,000 people a day, the impact can be immense.
Our friend ND Lama, originally from Nepal, has led our efforts to connect with locals in the area and set up training sites so anyone can come and learn how to operate the simple M-100 water purifier.
With your help, the most urgent need in Nepal right now can be met.
Go to our project page to donate to Nepal.

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