Stories from the Field: Community Partnerships with ShantiSeva & WaterStep in India

Ravi Jain, founder of ShantiSeva, and his team installed a WaterStep M-100 water purifier in Kishoni village near Shujalpur, India where up to 1,200 people in the community can now access safe water.
Ravi is working to bring sustainable safe water solutions to this community and others in India. We wrote about Ravi’s earlier work with WaterStep in January.
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This installation was successful through partnerships within the community, a key part of community development. Ravi explained that he met with the Village Secretary once he knew he was ready to install in the village. The Secretary allowed him to install the purifier in his home, a central area where anyone could come for purified water.
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After gathering supplies, they began their installation. When they encountered several minor problems, Ravi called the WaterStep headquarters and spoke with our experts to walk him through solutions. WaterStep’s Doug Lark helped Ravi and his team get the chlorine level to an appropriate measurement and after just one day, the M-100 war running smoothly.
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Ravi’s work didn’t finish with the installation. His partners on the ground will continue to monitor how much water is being used, how many people are accessing the water, and collect notes on the improved health of the community.
Ravi’s project is a great example of how WaterStep can empower you and your team to partner community development with safe water. Interested in bringing an M-100 water purifier with you on your next trip? Learn more about WaterStep training.
Also, check out Ravi’s firsthand account of his experience on his blog, ShantiSeva.
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