Update from Kabowa Village: Phase One

Our work in Kaabowa Village is just beginning. Our partners at the Rural Health Care Foundation sent us photos of their Phase One implementation, and we are encouraged and inspired by their results.
Because of your support through financial giving and shoe donations, Phase One has been completed, and we have dug a new well in Kaabowa Village. This is the first and most crucial step to accessing safe water and improving the health of this Ugandan community.
Phase Two is next and you can learn more or support our mission by going to our water project page. During Phase Two, we will:

  • Construct pit latrines and continue sanitation education
  • Install water purification systems at schools and the health center
  • Install rain harvesting systems at schools and the health center

WaterStep’s Doug Lark will travel to Kaabowa village in June to check up on the project and send back even more results, photos, and stories. We are excited to bring you more updates and continue working together to bring safe water to the entire community of Kaabowa.
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