WaterStep Responds in Eastern Kentucky (Part 1)

WaterStep is mobilizing a team to assist communities in Southeastern Kentucky in the wake of the devastating flooding that impacted dozens of communities in the last week. To date, at least 37 people have lost their lives in the Appalachia region of the state with hundreds still missing. To make matters worse, more rainfall and intense heat are in the forecast. 

We are working together with our partners, Inspiritus, Kentucky Rural Water Association, and Kentucky Emergency Management, to set up four Water on Wheels (WOW) Carts in communities located in Floyd, Knot, Perry, and Letcher counties, with a demand for several more. The WOW Cart (pictured in use below in Western KY) is a mini-water treatment plant on wheels and is designed to provide water, sanitation and power in a disaster situation. 

The WOW Carts can provide up to 10,000 gallons of emergency water each day for communities that have lost their public water supply due to flooding. Potable water will be provided for food preparation, showers, emergency responders and general community distribution. Trained volunteers will also be bringing WaterStep’s patented BleachMakers to the areas of need. This tool operates using salt, water and a power source and generates a powerful disinfection solution strong enough to be used in hospitals. It can also be diluted down and used for general household cleaning and sanitation.  

Please consider assisting us in this effort by making a donation to our disaster relief fund today. These funds will enable us to get more life-saving equipment into the areas of need. We are mobilizing resources to get boots on the ground and provide the necessary tools to aid in the recovery efforts. We greatly appreciate your support!

This is the 31st natural disaster WaterStep has responded to since 2009. We are a trusted nonprofit accredited through the BBB and with a Gold rating through GuideStar.

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