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WaterStep Inspires Hope and Confidence

A proverb with roots around the world tells us:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We at WaterStep, with our beautiful community of donors and volunteers like you, know the truth of that proverb. Because working together, we have come so far in the life-saving work of bringing access to safe water to more of the world’s adults and children. Safe water:

Increases health                    Empowers people

Provides hope                        Brings joy

Inspires confidence               Transforms communities

As WaterStep Nation, we give life to a vast network of passionate people who make a difference transforming communities with safe water, disinfectant, and knowledge leading to better health and untold benefits.

Though we may not be able to imagine a world in which ready access to safe water is not a reality, love and hope are universal languages and emotions, especially for our children. Let’s hear from some who have been helped with your support about what safe water means to them, child and adult:

Louise (pictured above), 3, and her mother live in the Kwilu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They wake every morning at 5:30 to walk to a hospital where WaterStep is collaborating in a pilot program with the SanRu rural health network to bring safe water, sanitation, and hygiene to patients and community members like Louise and her mother, who are able to take safe water home with them.

            Louise says, “My tummy doesn’t hurt when
             I drink this water and I can play all day.”

Blanca Enfante (pictured right), wife and mother to 8 children, went up and down a mountain near her hamlet of Pisambilla, Ecuador, summer or winter, rain or shine, with a donkey to fetch big jugs of water from a contaminated river for her family. Nothing about that life was easy. But it got easier, and healthier, after WaterStep collaborated with Ecuadorian partners with a ChlorineGenerator and tanks to bring and store safe water for people like Blanca.

“Now there is hope,” Blanca said.
“Not just for my family, but all in the community.”

The continuing impact of this work starts where it always does: with you.

Please make a donation to help even more families live healthier lives, starting with safe water.

Let us go far. Let us go together. Louise, Blanca, WaterStep, and you. Thank you.

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