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Paul Owino: Being the Hands and Feet

Paul Owino recently trained leadership and widows from the Kenya Widows and Orphans Ministry (KWO). He took them through the process to be certified in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) WASH program, which stands for water, sanitation and health.

From the WHO website: Safe drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene are crucial to human health and well-being. Safe WASH is not only a prerequisite to health, but contributes to livelihoods, school attendance and dignity and helps to create resilient communities living in healthy environments.

Now that the women are WASH certified, they can generate an income by training others on the program. Paul has also trained them on making and selling bleach using the WaterStep BleachMaker. Bleach is extremely expensive to purchase from store shelves in Kenya, and it only costs a few pennies to make bleach using the BleachMaker. The widows are able to sell bleach at an affordable price while still bringing in money for themselves and the orphans they care for.

Paul has given the KWO sites six M-100 ChlorineGenerators to make their water safe to drink and several BleachMakers. The ministry has a total of 17 centers in Kenya serving more than 1,000 people, and Paul is going to continue working with them; training more leaders each month. The centers serve as both orphanages, with apartments onsite to house the widows who care for the orphans, and feeding centers for those who may have housing, but lack sufficient nutrition. 

Thank you, Paul, for being the hands and feet and providing safe water and sanitation to the widows and orphans in your community!

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