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National Preparedness Month

Several local media stations visited WaterStep last week to highlight the importance of National Preparedness Month, a time when we are encouraged to plan and prepare for disasters and emergencies in our homes, businesses and communities. Louisville-based WaterStep has responded to more than 30 disasters since 2009 and has experienced firsthand the devastation and chaos that can occur after a disaster strikes. We have received so many requests for aid lately, we simply can’t keep up with the demand. Our WaterStep manufacturing team, led by 2022 WLKY Bell Award recipient Dr. Joe Jacobi, is working at full capacity to assemble and prepare safe water tools to be ready for deployment when the call for help comes in.  

Among the most critical things for people living through the aftermath of a disaster are safe water and disinfection. Not just for drinking water, but also for bathing, cleaning, washing clothes, and cooking. Louisville-based non-profit WaterStep works to develop and manufacture tools that provide safe water and disinfectant in the developing world and in disaster situations. These tools are easy to transport, easy to use, and reduce waste by not utilizing bottled water during water contamination events.

WaterStep’s disaster response equipment includes the WOW (Water on Wheels) Cart, which a portable, generator-operated mini water treatment system that utilizes filtration, UV treatment, and chlorination to provide up to 10,000 gallons of safe water per day for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning. WaterStep WOW Carts have been deployed during several recent disasters, including Hurricane Laura in 2020, Hurricane Ida in 2021, the W. KY tornado in December of 2021, and the recent flooding in E. KY.

To support WaterStep’s disaster relief efforts, click here.

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