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Louisville Family Making a Difference in Arusha, Tanzania – Summer 2023

Guest post by, Stephanie Falk

In the United States we take for granted access to safe drinking water.  According to UNICEF 418 million people on the continent of Africa lack even this basic necessity.  

WaterStep, a non-profit organization here in Louisville, KY, has made it their mission to respond to critical needs for safe water around the world. Incredibly, a 12-volt car battery and a 1/4 cup of table salt safely produces chlorine gas that is injected into contaminated water to kill waterborne pathogens, making the water safe to drink.  

Access to safe water is especially critical for children.  Lack of safe water has serious effects on students’ performance and attendance rates.  Many children miss school because they are needed to carry water, care for a sick family member or are sick themselves.  

The Falk Children: Leo (12), Sophia (9), Madeline (9), Ruby (9)

Dr. Rob and Stephanie Falk and their children, alongside their neighbors, Jeff and Jennifer Klingeman, will be traveling to Arusha, Tanzania this summer to install a safe water system at a school in the community. They will also train students and teachers on proper health and hygiene practices. The safe water solutions and education and training together will lead to a transformed community where school attendance goes up and the lines at the local health clinic go down. 

They are seeking support to fund these efforts. If you would like to make a donation to their life changing mission for safe water, please click the donate button below. In the comment section be sure to put Arusha, Tanzania so the money will get to the right place. 

Thank you for your support!

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