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It’s World Water Day!

Water Around the World = A Precious Resource

Most of us in the US take water for granted. We turn on the faucet and safe water is readily available to us. Unfortunately, this is not the case for millions of people around the world. There are currently 785 million people who live daily without access to safe water. Waterborne illnesses and poor sanitation are among the leading causes of death in children under five years old. 

Every day WaterStep makes an impact in the global water crisis. Working in 70 countries around the globe, we transform communities by educating and training individuals on proper health and hygiene practices and safe water solutions. In 2022 alone, we impacted more than 3.4 million people with our life-saving work. 

Be the Change YOU Want to See in the World!

This World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the global water and sanitation crisis. Because water affects us all, we need everyone to take action! You and your family, school, and community can make a difference by changing the way you use, consume, and manage water in your daily lives. 

‘One day in the forest, a fire broke out.
All the animals ran for their lives.
They stood at the edge of the blaze, looking at the flames in terror and sadness.
Up above their heads, a hummingbird was flying back and forth to the fire, over and over again.
The bigger animals asked the hummingbird what she was doing.
“I am flying to the lake to get water to help put out the fire.”
The animals laughed at her and said, “You can’t put out this fire!”
The hummingbird replied, “I’m doing what I can.”’ 

The hummingbird is helping solve the problem, one drop at a time. She is being the change she wants to see in the world. You can be a hummingbird, too. The actions you take, no matter how small, will help solve the water crisis. 

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