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A Namesake is Born in Tanzania

On a dirt road in Tanzania, a miracle happened. There is a 13km stretch between two villages, one which has a WaterStep system that provides safe water for the entire community. The other village does not have safe water (yet!). A pregnant woman, named Vaileth, walked the eight mile stretch every day in order to have safe water to drink and nourish her child. On July 18th, WaterStep got word that Vaileth gave birth on this dirt road to not one child, but twins!
The part that touches our hearts so much is the dedication this woman had to making sure that she was drinking safe water. On July 20th, when she returned for water, WaterStep’s field consultant, Jerald Malamba, and his wife greeted Vaileth with gifts of clothing and baby supplies. They had a baby shower right there at the safe water site (pictured below). Later that day, WaterStep’s Director of International Partnerships and Missions, Claudia Daniels received a call asking if it was okay to name one of the babies after her because of her passion to bring safe water to those in need. Baby Claudia is pictured above.
The twins, Claudia and her brother Aron, will now have safe water in their own village as WaterStep continues to work with their field consultant in Tanzania. The tanks have already been installed, the equipment has been shipped and Vaileth is in charge of the project!
Can you imagine being pregnant with twins and walking that distance to fetch water and then carry that heavy jug back? Can you imagine stopping on the side of a dirt road to give birth to twins? This is the life of many of the people we work with every day. These are the stories that motivate us to work harder, do more, help wherever we can and celebrate with thanksgiving!
Written by: Claudia Daniels
Claudia (pictured above) has been with WaterStep for more than 20 years. She is “mom” to our field consultants all around the world. Her passion to bring safe water to those in need is inspiring and catching. We were not aall surprised to hear that Valeith wanted to name her little baby girl after Claudia!
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