Why Bees?

Curious why WaterStep is putting bee hives on our roof? It’s all about community partnerships that make Louisville a better place to live. We are excited to use our building as a platform for local organizations to come together. Our bee hives are just the start.
Check out some of the reasons we’ve decided to partner with Walter T. Kelley Beekeeping:
· The Walter T. Kelley mission is to “Build Hives that Change Lives” as one of the oldest and largest suppliers of beekeeping equipment and honeybees in the United States · Beekeeping is vital to the health of our nation’s agricultural system and without more beekeepers, our food supply would be under significant risk of loss with 1 out of every 3 bites of food you are eating tonight due to the work of honeybees. Even Einstein stated, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have 4 years of life left.”
· WTK and Waterstep are trying to solve this Gordian Knot of Resources – how do we protect and how do we grow the most vital of all resources – water and food – under such incredible threats of contamination to transform lives throughout the world.
· In a way, with WTK focused on food supply thru bees and Waterstep on water thru technology and training, we are both the caretakers of a higher creation and that stewardship imparts a profound reverence and obligation.
· WTK is donating 5 hives as well as a portion of all proceeds of their Urban Hives. By investing in the community together, we will transform lives through education and service.
We are excited about the opportunity to serve our community and partner with an organization that is committed to bettering the environment and maintaining healthy food sources.

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