WaterStep to Work at Hospital in Honduras

WaterStep is excited to be a part of a mission with the U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery to bring safe water to Hospital De Area Puerto Cortes in Honduras this month. We will be working alongside several NGO’s and other organizations to install a water treatment plant at the hospital.
WaterStep has been a part of Operation Continuing Promise over the last three years, taking part in the 2010 and 2011 missions. When the 2013 mission was cut, WaterStep wanted to find another way to bring safe water to the people of Honduras.
We were asked to do work in July, and will send Kurtis Daniels and Kari Williams to install a mini water treatment plant in the hospital.
The municipal water coming into the hospital is not safe for drinking, and while water bottles are an option, they are not always affordable.WaterStep’s M-100 chlorine generator is an affordable solution that works on a large scale.
In order to be allowed to do the mission, WaterStep had to prove that we were not only the best option, but the only one that can provide the same thing we can. In a document written by a representative who has worked with us in the past, WaterStep was described as “the only system that combines portability, scalability with extremely rigorous filtration standards.”
WaterStep is unique for our products, as well as our training which allows us to be a more sustainable solution. The representative said, “The M-100 Chlorine generator combined with the WaterStep approach to system installation and sustainability training is unique.”
The medical conference will provide rehydration solutions through the water system to demonstrate the U.S. commitment and partnership with the people of Honduras. U.S. personnel are trained and postured to return and conduct future humanitarian support and foreign disaster relief missions.

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