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WaterStep Expands Reach to Afghanistan

WaterStep is excited to be adding another country to the list of those we serve. Through a partnership with Epek International, we will be sending WaterStep BleachMakers and M-100 ChlorineGenerators to Afghanistan. Tina Bruner, a board member with Epek, and Seth Gardner, an International Director on staff with the organization, attended a training class at WaterStep this week. 

The training session (pictured above) was the first in-person class to be held at WaterStep in months. The class size was very small and all participants were social distanced. Wakil Sahibudan, Epek International Founder & Executive Director, was able to join in the training virtually (pictured below).

Epek team members are hoping to travel to Afghanistan this summer and will be taking WaterStep equipment with them to serve the Kabul area. 

The Epek Mission

Epek International exists to reach out to those in need in a place where many organizations are reluctant to go. Afghanistan is a place with difficult challenges, but we see many opportunities for those willing to be a light in a dark place. The EPEK team comprises individuals who have years of experience working with organizations and NGOs that have served the Afghan people. Our mission is to work alongside Afghans, to help lift up those who are struggling and often feel forgotten—to create hope and transformational, sustainable change—through love, learning, resources, faithful service, and prayer.

A sweet face that benefits from Epek's services.

We are looking forward to working with Epek to impact the people of Afghanistan!

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