Shoe Program Grabs the Attention of New Staff Member

WaterStep’s new Director of Business Development, Michael Raus, connected with us for an interesting reason. He found out about WaterStep through his history and experience with shoes.
Raus grew up in Louisville, and attended Kentucky Country Day High School. He attended American University in Washington D.C., and got a B.S.B.A. in International Business. He graduated from Queens University with an M.B.A. after that.
After college, Raus became owner and president of his family’s general shoe lace company.
When Raus moved back to Kentucky and heard about WaterStep’s Shoes for Water program, his interest was piqued.
“I was groomed to be in the shoe lace industry,” Raus said, “So it is all in the same family of business.”
Raus was immediately interested in how WaterStep used shoes to fund water projects and make a difference in the world.
As Director of Business Development, he will be working on fundraising and expanding our business opportunities. “I like the idea of the micro businesses that I’ll be working on. We’ll be spreading our base to other areas to raise money for the WaterStep mission,” Raus said.
Check out or Why Shoes? page to learn more about our Shoes for Water Program.

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