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Passionist Missionaries Complex Now Complete

WaterStep Ambassador Raphael Wanjala recently partnered with Brother Samuel Omollo of the Passionist Priests of Kenya to complete a water project at a large complex in Karungu, Kenya. The Passionist Missionaries Complex houses a retreat center, a retirement home for Passionist Priests, a convent, and three schools run by nuns.

The complex sits on the shores of Lake Victoria which is the second largest freshwater lake in the world and also incredibly contaminated. Prior to WaterStep’s involvement, the complex received their water from a pipe that fed directly into Lake Victoria. As a result, the community dealt with the effects of widespread waterborne illness. 

Raphael and his team installed a rain catchment system to collect and store water during the rainy season. They also provided the residents of the complex with sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions that will ensure a healthier community moving forward. 

This project culminated on World Water Day and everyone celebrated with a commissioning ceremony and lots of song and dance. Safe water and better health are certainly worth celebrating!

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