Stories from the Field: Panama

Two of WaterStep’s ambassadors, Tori and Natalie, are recently traveled to Panama as part of WaterStep’s vision to empower ordinary people with safe water. While there they connected with organizations and networked to ensure that WaterStep has a pivotal role in efforts fighting the water crisis within Panama in the future.

Tori and Natalie spent much time with Quality Leadership University raising curiosity and interest about the philosophy and mission of Waterstep at a QLU-sponsored job fair. While simply traveling through the area the desperate need for clean water was obvious, but M-100 purifiers have already been installed and WaterStep (thanks to Tori and Natalie!) certainly is making a difference.
By valuing human interactions and embracing whatever comes their way, these ambassadors are teaching, learning, and creating change everywhere they go! Read more and check out their blog at

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