Packing for the Philippines

WaterStep staff and volunteers talk about packing to send 60 water purifiers to Cebu City, Philippines. There WaterStep is setting up a training center to teach the installation, operation, and maintenance of the M-100 Chlorine Generator, a water purifier that can produce up to 10,000 gallons of safe water daily, providing safe water to up to 1000 people, using only a handful of salt and a car battery.
To learn more about what WaterStep is doing in the Philippines, including all media updates, visit our Philippines page.

For the latest news, check back here on the WaterStep blog, which will be updated regularly while our team is on the ground. Follow WaterStep on Twitter @WaterStep, using the hashtag #WSHaiyan. Follow Courier-Journal reporter and WaterStep team member Chris Kenning @ckenning_cj for updates from the field.


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  1. Kayla Guffy

    I have a village in the Philippines I am currently helping out as they start a new business venture, making coconut oil to tey and help get their family out of poverty. I would love to know what it would take to get them set up with a purifier? Can anyone set it up or do you need to be trained? How much can 1 set up purify daily?

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