Nonprofit Challenges & the Role of Millennials

Victoria Shover, WaterStep Ambassador reporting in!

The moment I learned of my acceptance into the Fulbright Program as an English Teaching Assistant in Spain, I immediately began to wonder about the people I would meet during this academic year. The incredibly impressive group of Fulbrights that I have come to know, respect and admire surpassed any and all expectations.
Fulbright Scholar on nonprofit challenges
As the Fulbright Mid Year Conference in Valencia approached, (which is the final of only two times the entire Fulbright Commission of Spain comes together) I knew that this would be a great opportunity to share WaterStep with individuals who were intelligent, well traveled, inquisitive and passionate about what they do. I planned a presentation (shout out to WaterStep Millennials and Fulbright Yanique Campbell for your editing suggestions!) about how to logically layout collaborative efforts to unite WaterStep’s cause with Fulbright Millennials an address typical nonprofit challenges.
“I believe that NGOs and millennials have great potential to promote each other.”

Check out Victoria’s speech to learn how she sees millennials addressing current nonprofit challenges and looking towards the future.
To generate collaborative ideas and continue our conversations, the Fulbright Commission kindly supported my efforts by emailing a three question survey to all Fulbrights (TAs, graduate researchers and senior scholars). The survey is to collect information about levels of interest for those wishing to collaborate and suggestions to whom WaterStep could reach out to. You can view the survey here.
As the responses continue to roll in, I continue to be impressed by this group of Fulbrights. By loving what they do and taking water with them, they will be able to join the fight against the world water crisis and seek solutions to nonprofit challenges.
“We are perfectly equipped to take on the role of improving the nonprofit sector. Perhaps we could even find ourselves living in a more just and less thirsty world.”

I’m thankful to WaterStep for encouraging me to become a WaterStep Ambassador on behalf of the 875 million people currently lacking access to safe water. I’m equally thankful to the Fulbright Commission of Spain for accepting me into this program, providing me the opportunity to share my passion for water with my peers and for continuing to generate the space and environment for collective think tanks and relationship building gatherings. My hope is that from this experience, two incredible organizations can continue to learn and support one another to save lives with safe water, bringing us closer to a wold imagined by Senator J. William Fulbright.
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