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Meet Board Member Larry Snyder!

Larry is currently the treasurer for the WaterStep board and the head of the Finance Committee. He initially got involved with WaterStep by an invitation from fellow board member, Chuck O’Koon. 
Larry likes that WaterStep’s mission of saving lives with safe water is simple, but so incredibly impactful. WaterStep touches communities by supplying one of their most basic needs: safe water.
In 2021, Larry would like to see WaterStep become better known in our community and worldwide, so we can expand our reach and impact.
Larry has been married for 44 years and has a son and a daughter. His son is a fourth grade teacher and his daughter is a farmer. He is a proud grandpa to three grandsons, ages 7, 5 and 3. Larry and his wife live in the Highlands (in the same house for 33 years!) with their dog, James.
If Larry could go any where in the world, he would go to Australia and New Zealand. Although he is doubtful he could get his wife on a plane for that long!
We are so thankful for Larry’s support, guidance and leadership on the WaterStep board!
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